Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend at the Lake

Saturday morning the Holy Lake Fire Department had their annual Fourth of July waffle breakfast (yum) and then a ceremony to christen their new fire truck.  Truck 846 arrived several months ago,  from Virgina, but they waited until this weekend to christen her (I assume it's a her).  The christening was done with a "wetdown"  done with two tanker trucks.  Sorry, just water folks, no champagne!  About 15 minutes before the ceremony we had a fire call and all the guys left for the grass fire which delayed the wetdown.  It was worth the wait and the water felt so good after standing in the heat.  Congratulations to the Holy Lake F.D. for 40 years of great service.  These people are an awesome group of volunteers!

My next adventure was going to bingo at the H.L.F.D.  I try to go every Saturday night.  If you've never been you should try it, it's a real treat!  Besides bingo they have homemade cakes and brownies, hot dogs and lots of fun.  Kids can play if accompanied by their parents or grandparents and they bring the fire truck out at half time for the kids to play on.  It is great PR and the children love climbing all over the truck.  There were no winners at our table this week but we have fun trying.  Several years ago the fire department purchased bingo cards in Braille and large print for those of us who need them.

At church on Sunday we had a special treat.  The Bell Choir performed and it was just beautiful to listen to.  This was a wonderful way to start a patriotic Sunday. We skipped the fireworks, because of the extreme heat, and left it for the younger folks (smile).

There was so much going on this weekend from a Veteran's picnic to the Fisherman Club's hotdog and hamburger cookout.  Being retired at Holy Lake....priceless!

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  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate! Bless all the wonderful volunteer firemen, in your community and everywhere!