Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Welcome to HollyKnitter Chat. This is my first bloggging attempt so wish me luck. What am trying to do is make my blog a center for discussion. I would like to discuss varied topics from knitting and recipes to good news. I am excited to say the Artfire studio is going well and thank you to all who have looked, purchased and commented. I could not do it without my dear husband ,Tommy (My photographer and sweetie for over 34 years), my friends Audrey, Martha and Jean (all three help me with the website, and/or trimming the items for sale and charities). I recently started a new packaging collaboration with Vicky Ritchie of Holiday House at Holly Lake. With Vicky's help I can now offer my cloths in attractive packaging. I have just added a “Chef Smiley” cloth and a cloth made with a beautiful Butterfly stitch. Vicky and I have some great ideas so stay tuned....


  1. It's so nice to meet you, Sharon!
    Following and adding to blogroll!
    The packaging is very attractive!
    Keep up the great work!